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When I was a little girl, the most exciting Christmas gift I ever received in my whole life was an IBM Selectric typewriter when I was about 11 years old. My greatest disappointment was when I discovered that it was a rental and it had to be sent back.  (I have since purchased the same classic IBM). I believe that more than wanting to be a “writer”, I wanted to be a “typer” and I still love typing to this day.
I did very well academically in school (I stood first in grade 2) and found that I had a creative bent in both visual art and theatre arts. I produced and starred in many productions in grade school and followed up upon that in high school. Following my natural tendencies, I enrolled in Ryerson’s Radio & Television Course to study Media.
Upon graduation with a Bachelor of Applied Arts, I immediately landed a position volunteering at the then fledgling CityTV and, because of my persistence, was hired full time, after being a ‘replacement guest’ on a show hosted by Morton Shulman, Toronto’s former coroner, when he insulted his guest and they walked out of the studio. When asked by Dr. Shulman on live TV what I wanted to do with my career, I responded “I want to work here”, and so I was hired. I did various jobs at CityTV from studio directing, continuity, script assisting, on-air announcing, and working on their live news programme, to working in programming, news writing and various other departments.

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